Job shadowing WONCA 2020

We are pleased that you would like to gain an insight into the work of German general practitioners during your stay in Berlin at the WONCA conference.

General Practitioners in Berlin und Brandenburg, all teaching practices of the Charité - Institute of General Practice, are looking forward to your visit. During the job shadowing, the German GPs would like to show you the rooms of the practice and you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in a period of about 2-3 hours. If you have complementary interest, you can ask the practice owners for individual arrangements.

There are approximately 80 places for job shadowing. The order of registering determines the priority of available places.

As soon as you have completed your registration for job shadowing (LINK will be announced soon), Guarant will send you contact details of a general practitioner in Berlin. Please indicate whether you prefer a specific day (Wed, Thu or Fri) to facilitate the matching. We kindly ask you to contact the practice a few days before your congress arrival in Berlin to arrange your exact visiting hours.

We hope you understand that you will have to make the exact arrangements with the host practice by yourself and that we cannot provide transport services. Due to the good public transport system in Berlin, however, you can usually travel within Berlin without any problems. Please make sure you plan enough time for the journey.

Kind regards

Prof. Dr. med. Erika Baum
President WONCA Europe Conference 2020

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Heintze
Co-Chair WONCA Europe Conference 2020

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